Angels For Ayla

Welcome to Angels for Ayla

Welcome To Angels for Ayla! We are a non-profit organization here to help mothers of children on the higher end of the autistic spectrum. All parents are welcome here. Autism or not. We are currently looking for sponsors! If your company would like to join our team and help spread support and eventually assistance to mothers of the country. 


When my daughter Ayla was diagnosed with a moderate form of autism, she was not quite high enough to be considered 'normal' but not quite low enough to be considered 'disabled' Therefore, services for her, became an all consuming struggle. Getting services through the school was difficult, and services outside of school may as well have been forgotten about.

Children who are not 'classic autistic' or low functioning, are rarely given the services they need to progress. My child is going to be 11 this year. Her body, and intelligence are all on que. Puberty is starting, she is reading at a high school level and loves to learn. 

But her mind is stuck at a 5 year old cognitive level. She still requires help bathing, and other grooming skills. Eating without making a toddlers mess is difficult for her. And she barely even attempts at being social anymore.

Doctors say it is a 50/50 shot if she will ever progress further. She has not progressed at all in several years.

And without support services, the chances become even smaller.

Our goal is to spread awareness of these children. The children who are not obviously autistic. Children who NEED help, but are not getting it because they look 'normal', whatever 'normal' is. 

Right now, we can offer resources, information, links to other information and resources.  

Eventually, we want to be able to assist these children. Help pay for a much needed service dog. Help pay for carseats designed for larger children (they can be quite expensive!) and other adaptive items, such as swings, weighted blankets and vests, hugging machines, etc.